Get rid of the overly used term “detail-oriented,” and instead produce a polished and well-organized resume. Describing yourself as a “thinker” portrays you as passive—instead, explain how your great thinking helped solve a problem at work. If you ever won an award at work or received some other recognition for your efforts, consider using this verb. Ideally, the Skills section of your resume should contain as many of the hard and soft skills that are noted as required (or nice to have) in the job advertisement. resilient. One of these elements is a listing of your skills. Instead of using this commonplace description, give examples of times that you collaborated with others, using action verbs like “cooperated,” “collaborated,” “mentored,” and more. Almost every resume I read is full of words that suggest the person is someone Another word for adaptability: flexibility, versatility, resilience, variability, convertibility | Collins English Thesaurus Using action words like “increased” or “decreased” will more clearly show exactly how you helped achieved success. This will show your attention to detail If your past work has required you to be detail-oriented, explain that in your description of your work experiences. Hiring managers need to scan your resume and find the information they need in record time so they can move on to the next resume. adjustable. The American Constitution has prove LaunchedThis action verb demonstrates that you're able to successfully complete a project. In an environment where things are constantly changing, being flexible can be a tremendous asset. Along with action words, other power words include popular skills, words specific to your industry, and keywords from both the job listing and the company website. Only by using examples will employers be able to believe your statements. Antonyms for adaptable. SynergySynergy might sound like a trendy term, but hiring managers often find it vague. Synonyms for adaptable include modifiable, variable, adjustable, alterable, flexible, changeable, versatile, convertible, malleable and compliant. Examples are much more powerful than empty words. By focusing on the skills, results, and accomplishments most aligned to the job you're applying for, you'll have a much better chance of getting called in for an interview. Remember to vary the words that you use—repeating the same word (even power words) leads to a dull reading experience and will turn off the hiring manager. Using numerical values as well as the words “revenue” or “profit” will show the hiring manager, at a glance, that you have a record of achieving financial success. When writing about your professional experience on your resume, you can use your experiences to demonstrate certain key traits that you want to emphasise.. Teamwork is a … The point is to show that you’re computer literate and adaptable when it comes to new resources. Bottom LineAgain, employers want you to quantify the ways you achieved success in your previous jobs. Top synonyms for adaptable (other words for adaptable) are flexible, adjustable and versatile. Another word for adapt. Detail-OrientedOne of the worst (and most common) mistakes you can make on a resume is to say you are detail-oriented and then have a spelling error in your resume. According to U.S. News & World Report, it takes less than 20 seconds for a hiring manager to make a decision about you based on your resume.Hiring managers need to scan your resume and find the information they need in record time so they can move on to the next resume. The American Constitution has prove If you want your resume to be more effective and less generic, make sure every word on it counts. What jobs require Work Under Pressure skills on resume. Employers value people who can adapt and go with the flow when they need to. Work well in a high-pressure environment. This word will show that you are able to spot a problem and step in to solve it. Past Experience. In such cases, the person must be clear to which assignments or challenges he/she had undertaken so that the resume correlates with the job profile. Results-DrivenEmployers assume everyone wants to achieve good results at work. It’s important to customize your resume to align with what employers are seeking and the job posting is the key.” Win the Room CEO Kelly Hadous recommends using “active and positive” adjectives in your resume. Adaptability skills examples from real resumes. Related: Words to Avoid and Include on a Resume. Young people of Cynthia's type and nationality are the most adaptable in the world. Read through Work Under Pressure skills keywords and build a job-winning resume. computer hardware that is adaptable Employers are looking for people who will help grow their business and help them to continue being a successful organization. This sensational word resume template comes with 2 columns layout structure in black and white with yellow touchup color. Use this word to show your initiative and your teamwork. What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? Employers have always looked for key words in a resume that make a potential employees appear to be a good candidate for the job.. Today, some employers use a resume scanner that automatically searches for strong key words that can indicate a potential employees skill level and commitment to being a good employee. Find more ways to say adapt, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Adaptability is a critical quality that employers seek in early 21st-century employees. Find the words you need, see examples, and adapt … A promotion to … If you want your resume to be more effective and less generic, make sure every word on it counts. Work Under Pressure skills examples from real resumes. Use these (without using them too often) to make your resume stand out as the hiring manager skims through it. These are the things that will prove your motivation. CreatedThis action word shows that you can do more than just follow instructions—you can actually construct something and contribute to a company. Go-To PersonThis is another overused and vague phrase. Rather than using an unclear phrase like “bottom line,” use numbers to show how you specifically helped the company. AC-DC. Thought LeadershipThis phrase is very broad and unclear. How I Hire: Adaptability and 5 Other Must-Haves Published on September 24, 2013 September 24, 2013 • 356 Likes • 54 Comments Employers have always looked for key words in a resume that make a potential employees appear to be a good candidate for the job.. Today, some employers use a resume scanner that automatically searches for strong key words that can indicate a potential employees skill level and commitment to being a good employee. In your resume, include examples of times you develop a particular idea, either on your own or as part of a team, and explain how that idea helped the company achieve success. Synonyms for adaptability in Free Thesaurus. Be specific. Show what you managed and a positive outcome. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. Whether you developed a new filing system or invented a software app, use the word “created” to show your independence, initiative, and originality. What jobs require Work Under Pressure skills on resume. 5. They had to be adaptable and capable of carrying delicate and large responsibility. One way to do this is to demonstrate how you made money for a company. List of Descriptive Words and Adjectives for Writing Resumes. For example, instead of simply saying you “added value to Best Practices PR by saving money,” you should say that you “administered a public relations budget of $500,000 and, by developing and implementing an innovative and efficient cost-saving marketing program, saved Best Practices PR over $10,000 a year for a period of three years.". The statements are sentence fra He is an adaptable man and will soon learn the new work. This Word template resume 2020 is available in several color schemes and can be downloaded for free. 2. Its a perfect CV template to use for any starter or experience position. 2. For example, you might say, “Developed new budget that decreased office expenses by 10%” or “Increased number of donors by 15% through new fundraising initiative.”. Here are 10 phrases you should ban from your resume, and new, fresh ways to showcase your skills to put your resume at the top of the applicant pile. Work Under Pressure skill set in 2020. An action word like “influenced” demonstrates what you have achieved while also highlighting your leadership skills. Templates traditionally get a bad rap as being inflexible or inpersonal. Here a list of some of the key of them: Self-Management Skills; Self-management skills are some of the most important and difficult to learn abilities. 4. Some common synonyms of adaptable are ductile, malleable, plastic, pliable, and pliant. “Logistics” Use this action verb if you are applying for a managerial job, or any job that requires supervising others. Good adjectives for your resume set the tone for your application, and emphasize important information about your experience and/or skills.. Not only that, but descriptive words grab attention and make your resume memorable. Communication: Face to face A very good communicator Able to competently lead a team Civic-Minded 141+8 sentence examples: 1. Synonyms for adaptable in Free Thesaurus. WonLike “achieved,” the action verb “won” shows a hiring manager that you have been successful in previous jobs. Provide specific examples of how you demonstrated leadership, rather than using this term. ... We present you the most awe-inspiring word resume template to get your dream job. The ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed; stretchiness. Hard WorkerRather than say you are a hard worker, prove it. Scan the resume for these warning signs and replace passive resume writing with more active verbs and sentences. In your interview, the employer will be able to see your energetic personality. Work well in a high-pressure environment. Children are highly adaptable—they just need time to readjust. This is a particularly important word to include in a resume for a management position. Adaptable design. Again, try to include the number of people you managed, particularly if it is a large number. Anybody can claim to be a team player, but that doesn’t make it true. If you’re not sure where to insert power words in your resume and cover letter, highlight each verb and find a strong synonym to replace it from the above lists. Work Under Pressure skills examples from real resumes. The ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed; stretchiness. The list of personal attributes that job seekers place on their resume to convey their value proposition is endless. Self-MotivatedLike the word “dynamic,” anyone can say they are “self-motivated” in their resume. While all these words mean "susceptible of being modified in form or nature," adaptable implies the capability of being easily modified to suit other conditions, needs, or uses. Design your resume to clearly show that you have contributed to … Whether your company’s bottom line is number of sales, budget, or some other figure, be specific. Use the template as a jumping off point to create the look you want. Here’s an example of how a sales manager candidate used powerful leadership adjectives to strengthen their resume objective (the adjectives have been highlighted):. Here are the best words to include on your resume according to employers who responded to a CareerBuilder survey: AchievedInclude action verbs throughout your resume, particularly in the work experience section of your resume. Decisive Sales Manager with 7+ years of experience driving profitability through strategic growth and passionate leadership. Here are Some Sample Resumes, Skills to Include (and Not to Include) on a Resume, Sample Objective Statements for Your Resume, High School Resume Examples and Writing Tips, Resume Samples for Education and Teaching Jobs, Here Are Personal Value Proposition Statement Letter Examples, Writing a Resume? all around. This will give your resume an instant boost and ensure employers take notice of … Trust us: these look impressive whether you’re applying for your first job or trying to land a CEO gig. Being adaptable requires a range of adaptability skills. That is, making good verb choices without a thesaurus. Employers want to know what you can offer the company, and action verbs show exactly what you have accomplished at previous companies. A promotion to … Not much "wide and adaptable life" to take her thoughts off herself. Many old market buildings have proved highly adaptable. Values fit: … I was a happy gofer when I was 20, but I … Anybody can claim to be a team player, but that doesn’t make it true. Once a phrase becomes too common, it does not mean anything to a hiring manager. Under BudgetWhile companies want to know you will help them make money, they also want to know you'll help them save money. Here are a few examples of passive resume sentences: A 20 percent revenue growth was realized in our department over two years.